MTAF's fares and processes are different than your retail travel agency, internet sites, and group desks at airlines. The following is provided for reference only and is subject to change. Always consult your Quote and Invoice for more information.

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About MTAF
How does this work?
Eligible groups can purchase group tickets at lower unpublished fares that are only available through MTAF. Simply fill out a quote request form and one of our agents will reply usually within a few hours with a detailed quote including itineraries and fares. If you accept the quote, you will be invoiced  for the fare quoted.

Which airlines do you represent?
MTAF works with all major carriers. We have special situations with some airlines for certain types of groups going to certain destinations. These provide the biggest savings over our competitors.

What do you mean by "unpublished fares"?
Group airfares of 10 or more are not published by the airlines. The lowest fares to the top destinations can only be obtained through negotiations and established relationships.

About Groups & Organizations
Is my organization eligible for MTAF's unpublished group rates?
While we can work with most types of groups and organizations, we reserve our best group fares for missionary and humanitarian groups. Please do not request our not-for-profit fares for your New Year's Eve parties in Cancun or the like.

I received an email from MTAF saying my quote request doesn't meet your requirements - why?
It varies but likely because of a confilct with our core mission of serving faith-based and humanitarian groups. Other times it's simply because your particulars do not match our ability to provide you with lower rates. If you feel we erred in your case, please contact customer relations.

Are there group minimums?
Yes, in generally we require a group of 10 or more. However if you are a church mission team of  five or more going to Africa, Europe, or Asia we can help you. Our lowest group fares are set aside for groups of 20 or more.

I'm a group leader. Can I get free tickets for me?
In some circumstances, yes. Ask your MTAF representative.

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How do I get a copy of my quote?
Your quote will be emailed to you along with all relevant information. A MTAF representative will likely contact you before to confirm your information and answer any questions you may have.

I'm having trouble with your form - what should I do?
Email the information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How long is my quote valid?
Quotes are valid for 3-7 days. Please check your quote for your expiration date.

Do you provide domestic airfares?

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What types of payments do you accept?
MTAF accepts checks and wire transfers only. Payment information is provided at the bottom of your invoice.

Can MTAF collect fares directly from my group members?
No. We work hard to provide you low bulk group fares by dealing only with the team leaders.This saves us time and you money.

Can I pay a deposit or make installment payments?
For certain fare types, MTAF accepts a deposit of 33% on AA/BA itineraries. Ask your MTAF rep for details.

What if the size of my group changes after I purchase?
If your group increases in size, MTAF will honor the original fare if additions are made within 90 days of departure. Otherwise additions will be subject to a new quote. If your team decreases in size, see our cancellation and refund policies and check your invoice.

How early can I purchase tickets from MTAF?
We can quote and sell fares as early as 12 months from the return date. Typically our lowest group fares are booked an average 7 months from departure.

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Do we get frequent flier credits?
Yes in most cases.

When do I have to submit my passenger's names?
We request passport-confirmed names with your fare purchase. Our MTAF FLEX fares provide for names to be submitted within 90 days of purchase. Name corrections may cost a fee and/or cause a passenger to be denied boarding.

When will I get my e-ticket numberss?
It varies depending on airlines, group size, and destinations. Updated itineraries and e-ticket numbers are sent 7-60 days prior to departure.

Will my itinerary change?
No, although technically group itineraries are subject to change (usually to your advantage) it is rare especially to major destinations.

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Customer Support
What if we have problems with tickets or passenger information while at the airport?
MTAF is with you all the way to your destination and back. Upon ticketing you will be provided with a 24/7 contact information for live support to solve any problems. Passenger name, passport, missed flights, and other issues may be subject to service fees.

I noticed MTAF doesn't use voice mail - why not?
While we love talking to our customers on the phone, voice mail itself is not very efficient. And so we recently followed our home town favorite Coca Cola in this policy and no longer utilize voice mail as a method of communication with customers. We do provide 24/7 phone support for customers who are within 72 hours of departure, live chat, and call backs as well as email - our primary method.


Your question not answered above? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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